Hello again!👋

Thanks for dropping by. My name is Ann (Tai Chiahui in Chinese; Chichi is a nick name). I am a product designer working for Buffer. I am originally from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Being part of the team has given me a good working knowledge of how the pieces come together.

I am passionate about design and engage myself in product design process from user search to prototyping so I can understand better. I am excited about coding UI as practice. I find learning to code helps me greatly in design. I believe that by going through the process of development in web or mobile facilitates me better with communication and personal improvement. :)

  • ⚾️ I am a baseball fan and a soccer fan as well.
  • ❤️ There are a dog and two cats where I live. 🐶😼😼
  • ☕️ I like to drink bubble tea, Matcha and coffee.
  • 🗣 I speak English, Chinese, and Taiwanese.
  • 🙌 I traveled across America by train. Yes, Amtrak.