Hello again!👋

Heya everyone👋,

My name is Ann(Chia-Hui) Tai. Chia-Hui is my Chinese name, and here I go by Ann. I grew up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (A harbor city in the southern part of Taiwan). I lived in Victoria, BC, Canada, for around four years. I always enjoyed the summer there walking along the harbor. I worked for a startup there, then went all virtual. Since then, I’ve been enjoying remote work. I came back due to the pandemic and would like to spend more time with my parents. :)

I am a curious person and enjoy learning different things. There is no favorite genre, depending on the topic and content. Apart from design, I like to do side projects and explore things with friends. Hopping around different coffee shops is also what I like to do. I like to zone out just staring at the passerby, enjoy the atmosphere, and occasionally observe people.

In 2013, I quit my job in Taiwan and took Amtrak across America to see more of it instead of flying. It was a bit scary at first, but the whole trip went well. I am a baseball fan and mostly watch MLB. My first ball game happened to be a double-header in SF. I hope to visit other baseball stadiums in the future.

As a Taiwanese, I like to drink bubble tea. 😆 Matcha related desserts or tea and coffee are my top list drinks. I’m also slowly learning Japanese.
Feel free to reach out and say hi! 😊 Happy to connect.

  • ⚾️ I am a baseball fan and a soccer fan as well.
  • ❤️ There are a dog and two cats where I live. 🐶😼😼
  • ☕️ I like to drink bubble tea, Matcha and coffee.
  • 🗣 I speak English, Chinese, and Taiwanese.
  • 🙌 I traveled across America by train. Yes, Amtrak.